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yes, again.

The other day, my cousin teased me, “Every time I see you, you’ve changed your mind on being premed.”

Med school, grad school, med school grad school medschoolgradschool what? The back and forth has been ridiculous, but I am so lucky to even have a chance at either one, lucky that either way, my choice means more knowledge, more learning – yes, I love school.

And yes, either choice also means seven to ten more years of school, which, yes, is a lot – but brains are detailed and music is detailed and people are¬†complicated, and there’s just so much to learn and it’s all so very exciting! Imagine, working with kids with reading and learning disabilities, kids with autism and manic depression, kids from all sorts of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, and imagine putting an instrument in their hands and letting them play, letting them learn, letting them heal.

Imagine the smiles; imagine the laughter.