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I’m usually hard pressed to pick a favorite anything – favorite color, favorite ice cream flavor – but fall is definitely my favorite season. I love the few weeks between late August and early September, as thick oppressive heat turns into sunny days and cool evenings and the greens of New England are rich and warm, the tinge of red in the tips of tree leaves. I love the feeling of a new beginning, a recommitment to school and work and to-do lists and new books, warm sweaters and boots and cups of tea.

I am so excited to go back. I’m excited for bio and neuro, I’m excited for DSO (Dvorak 8 and lots of friends playing concertos), for studying in the library foyer – I’m even excited for lab, and I usually dislike labs. I’m excited for my best friend’s wedding in Montreal in October, for apple picking with friends who never had cider donuts before, for wine and movie nights in my closest friends’ apartment.

This will be a good term, a good year. Happy senior year.